typescript plugin for vue-cli

Uses TypeScript + ts-loader + fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin for faster off-thread type checking.


TypeScript can be configured via tsconfig.json.

Since 3.0.0-rc.6, typescript is now a peer dependency of this package, so you can use a specific version of TypeScript by updating your project's package.json.

This plugin can be used alongside @vue/cli-plugin-babel. When used with Babel, this plugin will output ES2015 and delegate the rest to Babel for auto polyfill based on browser targets.


cache-loader is enabled by default and cache is stored in <projectRoot>/node_modules/.cache/ts-loader.


thread-loader is enabled by default when the machine has more than 1 CPU cores. This can be turned off by setting parallel: false in vue.config.js.

parallel should be set to false when using Typescript in combination with non-serializable loader options, such as regexes, dates and functions. These options would not be passed correctly to ts-loader which may lead to unexpected errors.

Installing in an Already Created Project

vue add typescript

Injected webpack-chain Rules

  • config.rule('ts')
  • config.rule('ts').use('ts-loader')
  • config.rule('ts').use('babel-loader') (when used alongside @vue/cli-plugin-babel)
  • config.rule('ts').use('cache-loader')
  • config.plugin('fork-ts-checker')